Up Coming Web Events

Group of seniors using a computer
Oct 04 2021

Up Coming Web Events

Please follow the links below for online events for Seniors.

Toronto Public Library – CanAge

TPL and CanAge have partnered to launch an Educational Speaker series: Aging your Way: Creating an Age-Inclusive Canada, Together. All talks are delivered virtually by TPL and will educate and empower older adults, and their caregivers, on a broad range of critical issues affecting their lives.



Watch: Caregiver Learning Centre – Family Caregivers BC

Go back to the Learning Center Watch our webinars and videos for caregivers, with evidence informed themes to support you in all aspects of caregiving. Are you new to webinars? It is a learning session or presentation that takes place online and allows participants from different locations to see and hear the presenter(s), ask questions, […]



Dementia webinar | Focus on behaviour: Targeted strategies for denial, paranoia, anxiety and shadowing