Report on housing to improve health

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Jun 08 2016

Report on housing to improve health

Housing improvement as an investment to improve health

Poor housing is associated with poor health. This suggests that improving housing conditions might lead to improved health for residents. This review searched widely for studies from anywhere in the world which had investigated whether or not investment to improve housing conditions is linked with improvement in health. A huge amount of research on housing and health has been published but very few studies have investigated if improved housing conditions impact on residents’ health. Neighbourhood renewal programmes often include housing improvements but a key aim of these programmes is to improve the area by attracting new residents, often those who are better off. In these programmes, improvements in health statistics may simply reflect a change in the population living in an area and the original population may not have benefited from the improved living conditions. This review only looked at studies where changes in health for the original population were being investigated rather than changes for the area.

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