Older Adults at Home with Health Issues

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Jul 23 2015

Older Adults at Home with Health Issues

Do you know of an older adult struggling at home with health issues?

We are looking for older adults with advancing chronic illness who are still living in their homes to take part in a research project.

This navigation partnership will provide regular visits in the home by a volunteer and a nurse. These visits are free. Older adults can expect to receive assistance with getting access to services, emotional support and teaching about how to enhance their health and well-bing.

This project is a research study funded by the Peter Wall Insitutue for Advanced Studies, the Vancouver Foundation and Technology Evaluation in the Elderly.

To find out if you are eligible for this project, or to simpy get moreĀ  information please contact:

Brenad Hooper RN, MA (Counselling)
Nurse Navigator
250-512-7721 Or brenda.hooper@ubc.ca

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