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Sep 29 2015

Nelson Hospice Work-A-Thon





What is a Work-A-Thon?

Have you heard of a walk-a-thon that helps raise money for a worthy cause? This FALL, instead of walking, volunteers will be working to help those in need through Nelson & District Hospice Society. Everyone is invited to participate in this special fundraising event.   Our community elders and infirm can register to have volunteers come to them and perform up to 4 hours of raking leaves, garden cleanup, cleaning gutters, doing a dump run or other outside work.   Volunteers will ask for sponsors per hour for the four hours of work they accomplish that Saturday.  All sponsorships will be donations to Nelson & District Hospice Society. Hospice Work-A-Thon volunteers will meet at [insert park name?], rain or shine, to celebrate our efforts, receive community work assignments and fan out into our community to help those in need. This Work-A-Thon is a fantastic opportunity for you to support Hospice financially and volunteer to help others in need. All of this will be accomplished for free and in one day.

What can I do? REGISTER AS A CLIENT: If you would like to have work done by our volunteers, please register at, providing your name, phone number, email, and a description of the work you need to have done. REGISTER AS A WORK-A-THON VOLUNTEER: To participate in this fundraising event, complete a Registration Work Form at PLEDGE TO SUPPORT THE WORK-A-THON AND NELSON HOSPICE:

To sponsor a work-a-thon volunteer, go to and fill out a pledge form or donate at

How can volunteers get pledges?

Everyone has personal relationships. It’s as simple as asking these people to sponsor you. The worst that can happen is the individual says no. It’s ok, just keep asking!  Volunteers are encouraged to be a good representatives for Hospice – dress well, speak clearly, and be honest. You can ask friends and family members to sponsor you, and businesses that you frequent (doctor,dentist,restaurant,etc.)

Questions Donors May Ask:

1.How much is a sponsorship? Every amount is appreciated, but a sponsorship of $25 or more would be greatly appreciated. Student volunteers can let sponsors know that they can earn credits for the community hours they will work during the Work-a-thon day.

2.   How do I make a donation? Donors can donate online, via mail, or in person.

3.   Is my donation tax deductible and can I get a tax receipt? All donations are tax deductible and receipts are mailed at year-end.

4.   I don’t have any money now. Can I send in a donation to Nelson Hospice later? Encourage the donor to make an online donation (

5.   Who can I contact if I have questions or want to volunteer?  Nelson Hospice Executive Director Jane DiGiacomo, 250-352-2337 or

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