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Every Resident in Long-Term Care is Entitled to a Designated Visito

Victoria, B.C.— B.C. Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie is asking the Province to declare that every resident in long term care is entitled to designate at least one person as their […]

Seniors Advocate calls on B.C. seniors to get their booster or third dose as soon as they are eligible

Victoria, B.C.— B.C. Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie, is reminding seniors aged 70 or older of the need for a booster, or third dose, of the COVID-19 vaccine. “The ongoing COVID-19 […]

Flu Shots Available

BC Vaccine Passports

BC’s Restart

BC’s Restart A four-step plan to bring us back together. Click on the link below for all the information regarding the restart plan.

Lessons Learned from the Pandemic and the Way Forward

Vaccination Plan

Are you or someone you know wanting to get the vaccine but unable to leave home? For those who can’t Leave home to get a vaccine, a public health nurse […]

Vaccine Appointment for Seniors

Vaccine call centres for seniors open March 8, 2021. You can book a vaccine appointment for yourself or your spouse. You can also have a family member or friend call […]

Support a Senior

Wondering how you can support a senior? During these times its important to reach out, learn more about how you can help.

COVID19 Hand Washing

How to thoroughly wash your hands to prevent the spread of COVID19.