Family Caregivers of BC

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Aug 03 2017

Family Caregivers of BC

Many non-profits do some or a lot of I&R work for their clients. If that’s the case with you below is the I&R listing of the services we provide at Family Caregivers of BC (FCBC). We are a non-profit and our FREE services are funded by the Ministry of Health – Patients as Partners initiatives. BTW it is possible that some of you might have us listed under the old name of Family Caregiver Network Society; in that case please delete that old listing.

Family Caregivers of British Columbia (FCBC) offers FREE support and education services to those who provide unpaid eldercare to a parent, care to a spouse or partner or to another adult family member or friend. The person being cared for can be elderly, in poor health or disabled and be living in their own home, with family or in a care facility.

Services include:

FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORT: One-to-one phone support 1-877-520-3267 toll-free within BC, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4pm. Information and referral to community resources. Help in navigation the healthcare system. Listing of BC support groups for Family Caregivers at Family caregiver support groups. Caregiver coaching appointments for emotional support, problem solving and brief action planning.

 EDUCATION FOR FAMILY CAREGIVERS AND HEALTH PROFESSIONALS: Webinars (BC-wide) and workshops, Bi-monthly newsletter, The Network News, Caregiver Wellness Booklet, Resource Guide for Family Caregivers, 2nd edition, Lunch and Learn sessions for employees, Support group volunteer facilitator training, and a comprehensive online Caregiver Resource Centre available 24/7

 CAREGIVER ENGAGEMENT & HEALTH SECTOR COLLABORATION: Including the voice of family caregivers in health system improvement efforts. Collaborating at local, regional and provincial levels with condition-specific organizations to improve and coordinate programs, support and recognition for family caregivers . Engagement in key Ministry of Health initiatives such as Patients as Partners, local health authorities integrated community care transformation, as well as Doctors of BC (formerly called BC Medical Association), Divisions of Family Practice (community-based groups of family physicians working together to achieve common health care goals), Self-Management BC, UBC’s interCultural Online health Network (iCON), Center for Collaboration & Motivational Interviewing (CCMI), Pain BC and more.



Tel:   (250) 384-0408

Toll-free in BC:   1-877-520-3267

Fax:   (250) 361-2660

Mail:   6 – 3318 Oak Street, Victoria, BC, V8X 1R1