Kalein Day Hospice Program

Aug 22 2017

Kalein Day Hospice Program

This past spring, Kalein Centre launched the Kalein Day Hospice Program, offering care, peer support, social connection and services, for those facing life limiting illness, respite for their families and care givers, and resources for navigating the complex landscape of healthcare.  This program is a partnership of the Kalein Centre and the Nelson & District Hospice Society.

The information enclosed with introduce you to this exciting program – the first of it’s kind within the central Kootenay region.  Key features of the program include:

  • A welcoming and home-like environment at the Kalein Centre
  • Flexible programming customized by program guests
  • Counseling, palliative massage, art and music therapies
  • A nutritious meal
  • Access to the beautiful cedar forest and grounds at the Centre

Currently, the program is in its pilot stage and is offered once per week on Thursdays.  Anyone who is palliative is welcome to participate in the program, and encouraged to register as soon as possible after they have received their diagnosis.

For those dealing with life limiting illness, the benefits of participating in a day hospice program are well documented.  Studies show that palliative day hospice care programs improve patient-centered outcomes related to pain management, depression and other symptoms; lessen patient and family stress, improve overall quality of life, and lessen emergency room and hospital stays.

As a Centre integrating dialogue, hospice care, and education, Kalein is dedicated to a mission of exploring and evolving how we live more fully, learn more deeply, and care for one another more compassionately when we are able to embrace death as a natural part of life.  The Kalein Day Hospice Program is a foundational initiative of this mission.

The Program is funded by The BC Centre for Palliative Care, the Columbia Basin Trust, the Nelson & District Credit Union, the Osprey Foundation, Canada 150, Community Foundations of Canada, the Nelson & District Hospice Society and the Kalein Centre.  This generous support allows us to offer the program free of charge although we accept donations to cover lunch costs.

As your life and work brings you into contact with individuals in and around Nelson who are facing life limiting illnesses, we would very much appreciate your sharing the enclosed information with them.  If you would like to meet with a Kalein Centre representative to learn more about the program, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Judy O’Leary
Board Director
Kalein Centre